Design Problem #1: Grounding Stairs


The place where stairs hit the bottom floor is often ugly. There is some space there under the stairs that is hard to use. The problem gets worse if the stairs have open steps that you can see through. It tends to be dark, dusty, and hard to clean.

Here is a first attempt at solving this problem for a current project: Place a slab of frosted glass there, backlit by light from the floor above, with the companys logo on it. The slab of glass doubles as a sliding door to shut of the stairwell at night (when only the first floor is supposed to be accessible). Place a white surface behind the glass, angled at the same angle as the stairs. This reflects light coming from above and sends it through the frosted glass. Keep the lower part of the stair closed, but the higher part open to let more light through. Finally, place some spotlights under the stair, shining down on the angled white surface, to make the glass backlit at night.

Input, improvements?

The renders are done without much cheating, so the amount of daylight should not be too far off the mark.