Why are Rooms Rectangular?

>Rooms, buildings and blocks of buildings are very often rectangular. The rectangle must be very good in some way. It’s not very good looking. It can hardly be found anywhere in nature. Why do we insist on using it all the time?

Some possible arguments for the rectangle:

  • The rectangle is good for stacking because no space is wasted between the elements?
  • The rectangle is good for stacking because the circumference of the stacked elements is small, minimizing heat loss to the outside and building cost for outer walls?
  • The rectangle is very cozy to live in?
  • The rectangle is easy to furnish, because rectangular furniture is the best and fits in the corners?
  • The rectangle is easy to build?
  • Rectangular blocks is the only way to get usable streets between the blocks, and rectangular rooms fit well in rectangular buildings that fit in rectangular blocks?
  • Rectangular pieces are the easiest to extend with more pieces?

Some possible room elements are stacked in the picture:

  • A, Circle: Space wasted between rooms.
  • B, Square: No space wasted.
  • C, Hexagon: No space wasted.
  • D, Octagon: Multiple ways of stacking. Space wasted between rooms in every possible stacking.